Know where you stand.

About Us

Quality in printed works, especially fiction, is split between the art and the craft.  Art is subjective, and can be left to critics and readers, but there remains the ability to effectively craft a story that has satisfactory elements of plot, characterization, and so on.  AuthorScope is based on a system of identifying the objective craft of good writing and evaluating written works based on their artful use of craft.  Our editors are devoted to guiding authors to improving works that have unrealized potential.

Our Founder

Ian Graham Leask has been a creative writing teacher and literary consultant since 1980. He has taught writing at the University of Minnesota, COMPASS Writers in the Schools, and the Loft literary center in Minneapolis. In addition to his thriving private literary consultancy practice, he is the founder and publisher of Scarletta Press and co-founder and publisher of Tumblehome Learning. He has a wide range of knowledge of all aspects of the literary industry. He can be heard as producer and co-host of KFAI’s Write On! Radio most Thursdays on 90.3 FM in Minneapolis and 106.7 in Saint Paul and streaming live at He is the author of The Wounded and Other Stories about Fathers and Sons.

Our Editors

Our team of manuscript reviewers and editors has experience editing fiction, non-fiction, children’s works, and memoirs. Our editors remain anonymous and slightly in the background like a good waiter serving a gourmet meal. This preserves the integrity of the critique process, and your feedback on their work, while eliminating any questions about tipping. (Don’t. It won’t help.) Ian reviews every critique before it is sent out. They are all writers who have been through the process and know just what it’s like for an author. And so they make good waiters.